About me

If you were to spend as little as one hour with me in a social setting, you would quickly realise I am passionate about two things: netball and writing.  And while I am good at netball, I am certainly no Samsung Diamond, so that left me pursuing writing as my career.  


My path to becoming a writer was not organic.  I spent many years, prior to completing my Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing, attempting to forge a career in an array of different fields, only to realise that they didn't excite me. It wasn't until a good friend told me to follow my passion for reading that I found writing brought me joy. Now, four years on I can honestly say I love my job.

I describe my writing as conversational. I suppose that is why I am so proficient at writing blogs: they can be read over a cup of coffee, and come across as though the writer is in the room with the reader. Web content writing also allows me the freedom to inject my personality into my work, which is one of the things I absolutely love about it. I can use a pun, odd colloquialism or humorous anecdote because they are perfectly suited to the format. 


My degree and work experience have exposed me to other forms of writing where a more formal tone is required. As such I have gained confidence in researching and writing in many forms which are needed for small business, such as newsletters and brochures. 


However, it is the way in which I combine conversational tones, rhetoric and reliable research that makes my writing stand out.  I take immense pride in the way I have sculpted this persona and look forward to bringing it to your business. 


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North Mackay, Queensland

ABN 76 822 140 489

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